Engineer-in-Training Enrolment

Any applicant for Engineer-in-Training Enrollment who satisfies the Council that he/she meets all the requirements of membership except fulfilling the requirements of approved engineering experience as prescribed in the by-laws, shall be entitled to be enrolled with the Association as an Engineer-in-Training.

For applicants who did not receive their Bachelor of Engineering Degree from an accredited institution, must have their Bachelor Degree courses evaluated by WES (World Education Services).  Please visit the link on our homepage and click on "Apply for a WES Credential Evaluation" on the "Are you an Internationally Educated Graduate?" link to find out more.  For a list of Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board approved institutions, visit

Applicants can apply for Engineer-in-Training Enrollment, even if they are not living in PEI.  However, applications cannot be approved until the applicant is living in PEI.

In order to qualify for registration as a Professional Engineer, an Engineer-in-Training must have obtained four years of acceptable engineering work experience attested to by a Professional Engineer having personal knowledge of the experience. Acceptable engineering experience is experience obtained under direct supervision of a registered professional engineer.  If this is not possible, the engineer-in-training must present sufficient evidence to Council that his/her experience has been equivalent to that obtained under direct supervision. The term of this experience must be attested to by at least one professional engineer.

All EITs must register for the online Competency Based Assessment Program.  Work experience is submitted, validated and assessed online through this program.  Competencies are observable and measurable skills, knowledge, abilities, motivations or traits required for professional registration.  When using the online CBA, after completing a minimum of three competency entries, at least one of which is from Category 1 - Technical Competence, you should submit it for interim validation to ensure you are completing it correctly.

To use the online Competency Based Assessment Program click on the link here:

The successful completion of the National Professional Practice Examination is a requirement of the registration process for membership as a professional engineer. Please refer to the National Professional Practice Examination Information Page for details.


Dues and Fees for Engineer-in-Training

All fees and dues must accompany the application form.  To pay by credit card, click here.  Click on the down arrow and choose "EIT Registration Fee & Dues - $130.00" and proceed with payment.