Professional Development Manual for Compliance

This manual sets out the requirements of the Engineers PEI Continuing Professional Development Program (the “Program”) for its members.  The Program is flexible and provides each member with an organized and consistent approach to the development and recording of personal professional development that complies with the requirements set out herein.   Each member is required to keep records of his/her professional development and report the results to the Association annually. Forms for recording and reporting professional development activity are included in Appendix IV.   Engineers PEI staff will monitor the annual submission of records of activities and will assist members, when necessary, in understanding the Program requirements.  The Program establishes a minimum benchmark for each member’s investment in his/her professional development.  The majority of members already practise their profession in compliance with the requirements established in the Program. For them compliance will only require recording and reporting their professional activities.  Other members will find it relatively easy to expand their professional development activities to meet the flexible requirements of the Program.
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