2022 Bridge Building Contest

The 27th Annual Engineers Bridge Building and Artwork Contest Results


The contest took place at UPEI's Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering on Friday, May 20th.  One hundred bridges were submitted from students in Grades 4 - 12 from across PEI.  The winners of the contest are:


Grade 4 - 6 Division

1st Place:  Kianna (Spring Park Elementary)

2nd Place:  Gavin (Spring Park Elementary)

3rd Place:  Molly (West Kent Elementary)


Grade 7 - 9 Division

1st Place:  Lior and Tiernan (Montague Intermediate)

2nd Place:  Eva and Eleanor (Montague Intermediate)

3rd Place:  Zihe (Stonepark)


Grade 10 - 12 Division

1st Place:  Lilly (Colonel Gray)



School Participation Prizes:

URBAN:  Spring Park Elementary (25 bridges passed the pretest)

RURAL:  Montague Intermediate (19 bridges passed the pretest)


Complete results can be found on the PDF below.  


Special thanks to UPEI's Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering for hosting the contest.  Thank you to Pater Audio for recording the event.  The recording can be found on our YouTube channel here.  The video is in two parts.

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